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Posimage was founded in 1989 by Martin Boisvert which entrepreneurial initiative was matched by his desire to succeed.
From its beginnings as vehicle letterer, Martin Boisvert has developed his company to become one of the largest manufacturer of signs of the Province of Quebec able to work with all of the Canada.
Within its 22,000sq ft factory and offices, Posimage more than 65 employees on two shifts, all experienced specialists in different disciplines.
Building on its expertise of its years of existence, the company have a really incredible success.

Its field of intervention is primarily incorporate (private or public companies, networks of outlets) but also from institutions (municipalities, government or state companies) and the commercial sector.

To remain competitive and a leader in its sector, Posimage invests and integrates new technologies in the heart of its plant. Staff receive continuous training to follow these developments and master the art equipment.


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Our approach

The visibility of your company is our priority. The more you are seen, the more your customers will increase and therefore your profits.

During your first meeting with one of our staff, we analyze your needs. We study the feasibility of your application with different structures (city, architects, builders, ...).
We then prepare implementation plans along with the cost estimate for your project.

After approval, we provide communication with the city tothe formalities and permit applications.
First oil is then done in a timely manner to ensure installation according to your professional needs.



Awards and honors

The originality andquality of its achievements and the expansion of Posimagedrew attention of the press.

Special Jury Mention - The merits of Architecture Quebec City - November 2006
Omer DeSerres sign - 1505, boul. Lebourgneuf
Telops sign - 2600, avenue Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Lépine Clouitier La Souvenance sign - 1500, boul. Wilfrid-Hamel

  • Winner -The merits of Architecture Quebec City - December 2007
    GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals sign - 2323, boul. du Parc-Technologique
  • Distinction -The merits of Architecture Quebec City - December 2007
    Gym FOR-O-MAX sign - 174, rue Racine
    Sign on the Carrefour Masson-Hamel-II pylon - 3700, boul. Wilfrid-Hamel
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Fidéides 2013

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Why would you choose Posimage ?

We aim to provide maximum services to offer the best products delivered in a timely manner while optimizing costs.
Our line: Your satisfaction .

Why Posimage?
For its expertise in the field of signs.
To accompany your project.
For its ability to achieve your ideas and requests.

Unpretentious, it is true that Posimage is a quality partner when time comes to launch your projects. We will createfor your business, an attractive and prestigious image.



Our environmental commitment

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Posimage's mission is to respect and ensure respect for the environment throughout the signs manufacturing process . That's why we recycle our aluminum falls, acrylic, and respect a protocol when we use sensitive products.


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